I am sure you have heard of Green Screen technology, but do you know that we can use it to create incredible images of your year groups?

No more of the disruption (and danger), that comes with taking group photos with staging.

  • We quickly and efficiently photograph each student, one at a time, on a green screen background.
  • At the studio, our editor works their magic and composes all of the students and staff into one large group.
  • The Carmel Jane Photography method is the best in the business at making realistic composite group shots.
  • An easy and safe way to create memorable Year Group photos

Click on the photos below to see close ups of our sample Year 11 photo.

Great lighting, state of the art software and some secret touches like adding shadows means the only difference between a ‘real’ group photo and a green screen is that each student is clearer, sharper and the overall image is a much higher quality.  Not to mention much less disruption to the school day.

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