Conference Photography Headshots Vlog

So I have been vlogging some of our photographic events lately and putting them on Facebook and YouTube. Lots of fun and more hard work than I realised. We have had a few jobs doing conference photography with corporate headshots at the conference event. It has been extremely well received and fantastic to get the […]

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FREE School Re-Shoot Sessions

School Photos Not Quite an A* ? They grow up so fast, so one year’s photograph is a real wasted opportunity isn’t it? Did the photographer not get their best side? Did a spot ruin the day? Whatever happened, there’s some great news for you. We are opening our studio doors for a FREE school […]

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Professional Headshot Essentials

You need a professional headshot to represent your personal brand.  Before you have your photos done, it is a good idea to answer the following FIVE questions: What is your message?  Do you need to look older, younger, more trustworthy or knowledgeable?  Think about your personal brand and what it represents. Where do you need to […]

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Dance Photo Shoot Experience

Amelia came into the studio recently for a dance photo shoot.  She has just been accepted into a top London ballet school and wanted to have a ballet dance shoot. Dancers make everything appear so effortless, but dance shoots are hard work!  To capture that one perfect dance image might take twenty takes.  The dancer […]

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Young ballet dancer headshot

Professional Headshots

I love doing professional headshots, either for stage or business. Working so closely with one person for about an hour and helping them find their best side, working out their personality and helping them to create their personal brand feels like a privilege. We get a huge variety of subjects into the studio ranging from […]

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School Photo Essex

What Makes a Good School Photo?

Lighting. Making a child feel comfortable. Lighting. Body position. Lighting Here at Carmel Jane Photography, we are offering a New Direction in School Photography. Using our expertise in head shot photography we are creating stunning school photos that parents want to buy and students can be proud of. By ustalizing top end lighting and camera […]

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Children's Studio Photo

Grey is the New White

The days of white background family photos are over.  Cooler, more subtle grey backgrounds with flattering lighting is a big trend in studio photography.  Rather then just blast the set with tons of light and ‘fix’ things in post-production, it is now about styling the clothes, creating a more intimate setting and crafting soft yet […]

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Corporate Headshots

A few weeks ago I has the pleasure of photographing all my fellow members of Essex Business Forum or EBF.  We stated at 6am and I had 45 minutes before out breakfast meeting to capture these rowdy lot!    It was fast work and I had quite a variety of face shapes, heights and personalties […]

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