Attract the best students with high quality video.


In-person School Open Days are no longer an option.  Parents are more worried than ever about their child’s education.  Your school still needs to share your ethos, values and what it is that makes your school special to attract the right students for your school.

There is no better way to showcase your school and share your message with prospective students and parents than through the power of video.  Virtual tours and virtual open days and digital prospectuses are now an essential for your school.


Why Us for your School Video?

With over 10 years experience in the education sector, we know how to work with your school to produce a school video that showcases your facilities, gives parents and students a true ‘feel’ for what your school stands for and what you can offer them.

Our film crew is headed up by an executive producer who is also a script-writer.  Working together we help refine your script, plan a storyboard and create stunning, high impact virtual tours, virtual open days and school promotional videos that you can be truly proud of.

We have an extensive array of school videos for you to view to decide on what is best for your school.  From an Open day style, a school virtual tour, heads of department films, a presentation, a high impact values led film or even a full mini-production, narrative lead film we can help you.

Who do we make School Videos for?

We create effective, high quality films for infant, junior and primary schools, senior schools in the state and independent school market, along with colleges and higher education.

Where do we work?

We are based in Essex, but work with schools for video and photography around the London and the home counties, including Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey, and Sussex.  We have worked with several schools in Suffolk and Norfolk too.

Below are a few examples of just some of our recent school video work.  Take a look through and discover that while we create different styles of school videos the one core value that shines through is our attention to detail and quality.

Style #1: Virtual Tour 

We created this virtual tour video to showcase the extensive facilities at this school.  Alongside this video, we filmed the headteacher giving her 20 minute Open Day talk.


Style 2: Showreel

Our ‘sizzle spots’ are high impact, aspirational school videos with dynamic shots and key phrases, showcasing the very best bits of your school.  These videos will showcase your school and its core values for several years.

Style #3: Virtual Open Day Tour Highlights

This style of school video is a mixture of virtual tour and a showreel.  Led by the headteacher and interspersed with students.  The school video below also has an original score, composed to the exact video.


Style 4: Virtual Open Day Speeches

Longer speeches by the headteacher and key senior leadership team, these school videos compliment the virtual tours, showreels and virtual open day styles.  More information heavy to really show parents and students why they should choose your school.

Style 5: The All-Out Mini Movie

Create a school video that is very narrative lead and will last your school several years.  The strong, emotive pull from this style of school video will really create a ‘feel’ for your school.